Monday, February 18, 2019

Expense Account Final Page

Today marks 70 years since "Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar" made its debut on CBS Radio. Coming as it does after a successful screening for the Metropolitan Washington Old-Time Radio Club's members and some edits (improvements, one hopes) sparked by watching it with an audience, that seems like a good time to submit this expense report's final page. The plan is to submit to film festivals and perhaps present it to other interested groups. In he meantime, please enjoy this excerpt from the finished product.

From Dick Powell's 1948 audition show to Mandel Kramer's final episode in 1962, a collection of talented actors, writers and directors created one of old-time radio's most enduring dramas. This documentary is a tribute not just to the program and its era but also the medium of radio drama itself. That said, the real tribute is the many fans - new and old alike - who continue to listen and enjoy it.

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  1. I'm fairly new to OTR but it's obvious to me that Johnny Dollar is head and shoulders above the other radio detectives. The BB 15 episodes are brilliant, of course, but I've also enjoyed many of the John Lund and Edmund O'Brien episodes.