Tuesday, October 27, 2015

R.I.P. Ed Walker

When I heard that Ed Walker had been diagnosed with cancer and was stepping down from hosting The Big Broadcast, I sent him an email to wish him well. What I hadn't realized is that he was almost certainly hospitalized at the time and very likely didn't get the note. I suspect quite a few other people would have liked to wish him well before his passing yesterday. It's both fitting and sad that he died just a few hours after the airing of his final show, recorded from the hospital. I'm sure people who knew him better will have much more eloquent summations of Ed and his legacy than I could offer, but it occurs to me that during his life he made an awful lot of people happy and that's no small thing.  That final show is currently available to stream via the Big Broadcast's page on WAMU's site, and it seems fitting that the best tribute to Ed Walker ultimately comes from the man himself.

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